Venture Capital

Beers with Brad in Seattle

My partner Brad is going to be hosting a party in Seattle on the 25th of February hanging out  with the entrepreneur and venture capital crowd.  If you’ve ever wanted to meet him and happen to be around, stop on by.  Here are the details.

Model Seed Documents – Direct From Techstars

Ever since Brad and I created our term sheet series, we’ve been regularly asked "okay, so what do some model documents look like?" Well, today, our friends at Techstars posted their model forms of seed financing documents. Techstars worked with Brad, myself and very closely with Cooley Godward Kronish, LLP (and specifically Mike Platt) to…

Everything That You Want To Know About Venture Capitalists

For those of you in the Boulder/Denver area, I’m giving a 1.5 hour “crash course” lecture on the VC industry. The program is February 24th at 5:15 at the CU law school.  You can find more information here. The topics will include everything from what makes VCs tick, who are our bosses, what are things…