I Like Buying Books Online. I Won’t Buy Televisions

Despite the fact that I’m remodeling my house and completely replacing all of my audio visual infrastructure, my friend Ryan has just gone through a horrific experience buying a television online.  Ryan, glad you are finally up and running.

iPhone Accessory Pricing Apple VS. AT&T

While cruising around looking for accessories for my new favorite gadget, I stumbled across some interesting pricing regarding a couple of iPhone accessories.  While looking for a bluetooth headset, I notice the same headset available on both the Apple site and the AT&T Wireless site.  On the AT&T site, the same headset is $30 more…

Everyone Needs An iPhone

I mean it.  Really.  And this comes from a guy who hated the first version and stuck with his Windows 6.1-enabled Motorola Q2. I was one of the few people in the country who had a great iPhone experience.  I showed up at my local Apple store on Saturday morning at 9:30am.   There was a…

I Love and Hate Robots

I’ve always had a love / hate relationship with robots. (Actually, it’s all conceptual, as I really don’t know any robots personally). I remember touring an automotive plant back in the 80’s. Up until then, my coolest tech moment was upgrading my Apple II+ to 64KB of RAM, but seeing them in full force assembling…