Why Be Personally Responsible When You Can Sue?

I saw a billboard last week for Who Can I Sue? and nearly puked.  Their stated mission is to: "provide (i) an efficient portal for its users to browse and find relevant information about a variety of legal claims, (ii) an ability for users to determine if they are qualified for a particular claim, and…

Even FASB thinks FAS 157 is Stupid

I wish that I could take credit for changing their minds, but no one called me.  That being said, I was happy to hear that the FASB is moving into a more flexible mind set regarding FAS 157. Only time will what ultimately comes of this, but hopefully it won’t be as stupid as it…

Law Firm 2.0 – Re-architecting the Law Firm – Outsourcing

Well, I’m back. I took some time off blogging about Law Firm 2.0, as I wanted to “take in” all the layoffs and such – a blog on that is coming soon. But without further delay, here are my thoughts on outsourcing as a critical change coming soon to a law firm near you. As…

Can’t Anyone Pay Their Damn Taxes?

Especially those whose paychecks come from our tax dollars?  The ones who are spending our tax dollars? Ugh. It wasn’t enough that our Treasury Secretary and our potential Health and Human Services head didn’t pay their taxes, but today, Obama’s candidate for the newly created “Chief Performance Office” clearly didn’t perform and pay her taxes….