Do You Know a Company That Should Present At VCIR?

Venture Capital in the Rockies is a great conference.  Every year companies from the Rocky Mountain Region present while venture capitalists from all over the country attend.  If you know of high quality candidates, check out this Colorado Startups link.

How Does The Market Craziness Affect Venture Capitalists and Startups?

Lately, I’m being asked this question several times a day.  Sometimes its from nervous entrepreneurs looking for funding, sometimes it’s from our investors wanting to know what I’m seeing and yesterday, from my father who is evidently worried that things are so bad that I might have to move back home and into his attic. …

Y Combinator Model Seed Financing Documents

Given my discussions on Law Firm 2.0 and how to make legal services more efficient, I was happy to see someone take a stab at some model financing documents for seed deals.  I’ve had several people ask me what I think of the Y Combinator documents.  In general, I like them.  I think they are…