Calling All Angels – Fort Collins Version

Three keys to a building a strong ecosystem for startups are: (1) entrepreneurs; (2) technology; and (3) investors.   For a long time, newer entrepreneurial communities have relied on the first two segments to attract the third.  We are now realizing that to sustain and grow a vibrant entrepreneurial community, we need to support all three.

Angel investors are typically very bright, successful entrepreneurs who want to give back after they cash out in one or two of their own ventures.  Although they understand how to build products and companies, they may not have a lot of experience in taxes, financing, and investment.  One of the big areas that can come back to bite them later is taxes.

My friend, Roger Glovsky, along with EKS&H, the Rocky Mountain Innosphere, and Impact Angel Group are trying to shine a light on tax issues that may be critical for angel investors to understand, such as 83(b) elections, tax qualified stock options, and trading equity for services.  In addition, they will talk about tax loopholes for investors, the Colorado enterprise tax zone credit, and tax deductible philanthropic funds to support Colorado startups.

If you are in the Fort Collins area next week, be sure to sign up for this special event (free!) on May 31 at the Rocky Mountain Innosphere.