Colorado Law – Teaching In-House Lawyers How to Run Lean

It’s clear that in-house law departments are going through a major paradigm shift. In the same way that manufacturers are testing out technologies that are allowing them to keep up productivity while cutting costs, CEO’s are asking law department leaders to trim as much as possible.

Throughout the world, law departments are using manufacturing theories such as Six Sigma to get more from less. On April 8, The University of Colorado Law School will hold a three-day executive training program for Chief Legal Officers and in-house counsel where they will learn from professionals about how to navigate in the “new normal.” The program will cover topics such as measuring performance, leadership, talent management and using technology to run a law department.  The presenters are great and I’m looking forward to being one of them, as well as learning from folks much smarter than me.

If you are interested in “The Executive Lawyer”, go to or call Harry Horowitz at 303-492-9044.