Flinja Helps University of Colorado – Boulder Students Find Jobs, Pay off Student Debt

As a venture capitalist and a professor of law at University of Colorado – Boulder, it is tough to see how many smart students are having trouble finding jobs after graduating.

The Atlantic reports that 53% of recent college grads are either un- or under-employed, especially in a market flooded with degree-holders. In Boulder, CO alone, there are now 11,041 unemployed people, and although that number is better than the 2009 peak of 12,835 unemployed, it’s still 820 more since January 2012.

There are tons of job sites out there all promising the help, but few actually do.  However I recently saw a model that I haven’t seen before.  Last week I was a sage panelist at DEMO and Flinja was one of the over 20 startups presenting in the Social Products category. They were one of my favorite teams.

What do they do?  Simple.  They capitalize on school spirit to get students hired.  Yep, if you are a fan of CU, you will soon be able CU students.  If you are a Michigan alum, soon too, you’ll be able to focus your hiring ecosystem on folks that share your background.  While simple, this could be very powerful.

Launched last month at the University of Southern California and the University of California, Los Angeles to much fanfare, Flinja allows an exclusive network of students, staff and alumni to hire and be hired within the site. I constantly come across companies who are eager to hire local CU Boulder students but have no one at the companies who are alums. You can connect with CU alumni and find companies hiring within our community. And trust me, it is exclusively for students and college networks—you can’t even register without your “.edu” email. In an extremely competitive job market, it looks like a welcome relief for CU Boulder students, letting them get directly in touch with alumni and potential employers. And in light of the recent jobs numbers, the Flinja platform seems like a great way to take advantage of whatever momentum there might be. Just my two cents.

They are launching at CU and will take some time to get a lot of people on the system, but I’d encourage students look for jobs to give it a shot.