Learning Entrepreneurship – Boulder Digital Works

I’m excited to announce a Boulder Digital Works course that will be open to the public in the Spring of 2012, StartUp: Learning Entrepreneurship.

This is the first BDW course inviting community members to join  graduate students and engage in the graduate curriculum.  StartUp is immersive and transformational––both theoretical and practical. It begins with the premise that entrepreneurship, rather than being the result of genius and magic, can be learned;  Startup then proves this premise through the actual conception, build, and launch of an original product or service by student teams within a single semester.

Led by serial entrepreneur Robert Reich with a supporting team from a variety of sectors from the contemporary entrepreneurial world, this course puts students inside the mind of the entrepreneur and immerses them in the daily leadership and innovation challenges of the startup environment.

While its primary focus is the startup and what it demands, this course is also a clinic in thinking, decision making and mental agility that will benefit any area of business––not just startups.

Download more detailed information on the course and the application to enroll here, or email bdw.info@colorado.edu for details.

Here is a great video talking about the program, too: http://vimeo.com/32882215