Techployment – A New Boulder Resource for Tech Hiring

Two local entrepreneurs I know just started Techployment, which is a simple idea, but goes after a growing problem in the local tech arena: tech companies finding great tech professionals, and vice versa. Techployment helps solve this problem by vetting the best local tech opportunities and and sending a daily email highlighting them in a succinct way. And while most employment sites/blogs/posts tend to get visited by only those actively looking for a job, Techployment is primarily focusing on those that already have a job, but want to stay up to speed on local opportunities. The grass could be greener at a company across town, and this is an easy way to find out about it.

So if you are looking for a job or just want to know what is out there, go to Techployment and sign up. No username. No password. Just your email and you’re good to go.

And if you are a tech start-up looking for some key hires, using Techployment will get you to some eyeballs that traditionally don’t see/look for exciting new opportunities/greener pastures.