Call For All US-based Open Coffee Clubs

About 4 years ago, I founded the Boulder Open Coffee Club.  It’s been a massive success with about 50-70 people attending each event.  The popularity of it, in fact, has led to the creation of a Denver Open Coffee Club by local entrepreneur Michael Sitarzewski.

The Coffee Club has become a real local hub where we’ve gotten to know each other and help each other learn from each other’s experiences.  It’s been a ton of fun, too, and we’ve even got some airplay on TV recently.

From time to time, I get an email from another open coffee club telling me about what they are doing.  I’ve done a poor job keeping track of all the OCCs in the US and I am wondering whether or not it would be worthwhile to create a network between them.

If you participate in an OCC, drop me a line or leave a comment.  I’d like to see who else is out there.