Next Big Sound 2.0

Over the past year and a half I’ve had a front row seat to the development of Next Big Sound. From my earliest phone calls with CEO Alex White to mentoring the team through the TechStars program here in Boulder, I’ve watched them go from passionate music fans and talented founders to building a company and products of tremendous value. Billboard naming Next Big Sound as one of the 10 best startups and Alex to their 30 Under 30 list in August was great outside recognition of the progress that I’ve watched being achieved day after day and week after week.

Like most startups in their early days, the company was super busy with many different projects. Whether it was the API, SXSW charts, the Premier product, or re-launch of their free site, development of these offerings took the full resources of the company and there wasn’t time to integrate everything together.

We are coming up on one year since Foundry Group invested in the company. I always like to take a minute and reflect on each year since investing in a company. I’m really excited about NBS. Now is the time that we are seeing the integration of all of their hard work. Their output is impressive and I believe will fundamentally change how the recording industry interacts with data and analytics.

The team has more than doubled in size and today releasing their Premier product, updating their website to include even more great free tools and is announcing several major partnership and client wins. See the official press release here.

What’s the all the excitement about?

  1. Premier – the most powerful analytics dashboard the music industry has ever seen. Charts, advanced geographical and demographic information down to individual fans, integration with Google analytics, record and digital sales, radio plays and P2P network information. And much, much more;
  2. Early adopters at record labels, TV stations, management firms and artist service providers are already paying subscribers of Premier. Now anyone can subscribe as well;
  3. Predictive Charts – Plenty of folks do a great job of charting who is already popular but there is no reliable place to go to find out who is going to become popular. The NBS25 charts the fastest accelerating artists across the internet identifying those artists that are statistically most likely to go on to become the next big sound; and
  4. Stats – you can still search and compare any artist in the world but it is now much easier to subscribe to weekly email reports on artists’ social media stats and share interesting graphs across the web

In short, it’s the launch of Next Big Sound 2.0. It’s been an exciting and fun ride so far with Alex, David, Samir, Eric, Todd, Sam, Walter and the rest of the extended family. Thanks guys for letting me hang out with you.