A Balanced Summary of the Berkeley Patent Project

Recently, I wrote a strong rebuke of one author’s interpretation of the recently released High Technology Entrepreneurs and the Patent System: Results of the 2008 Berkeley Patent Survey that came out the day after Bilski was decided.

I was particularly upset in that I believe the author was intentionally distorting the facts of the survey for his own benefit.  Given how important patent policy is to this country’s innovation economy, I was amazed how a professor at a major University could be so cavalier with the facts of his own survey.  It was also disappointing that the first and best analytical study of its kind was being degraded by false interpretations.  If you feel like seeing the back and forth, feel free to check out his article and our collective comments). 

While I was away recently, Pamela Samuelson, (who was also one of the authors of the survey) gave her interpretation of the survey.  Her article is entitled Why Software Startups Decide to Patent …. Or NotI realize that I’m  a bit biased from view of software patents in general, but Pam’s analysis is much more neutral and balanced and therefore much more instructive in its teachings.  I will also point out that many of my comments of the prior article are supported by Pam’s analysis.

My partner Brad wrote an excellent summary of Pam’s analysis and is a must read for anyone who is interested in the subject.

Well done, Pam.  I really look forward to your future work based off the survey.