Interview With Rich Baer – GC and CAO of Qwest has a great interview with Rich Baer, General Counsel and CAO at Qwest.  I find 99% of interviews worthless, but this is one of the few that allows the reader to actually understand the subject a bit.

The premise of the interview is that Rich is moving on from Qwest after the announced merger with CenturyTel closes early next year.  But more than that, Rich opines on the future of the in-house law practice and looks thoughtfully inward talking about what he will do differently next time. 

Rich has been recognized as a leading innovative thinker in all matters related to in-house counsel and was awarded the 2008 Legal Department of the Year

Best of all, despite his non-friendly picture in the interview (sorry Rich) and his hard driving passion for everything he does, Rich is sincerely a nice guy who hasn’t let any of his success go to his head.  Congrats Rich on a great run at Qwest and great interview.