Lunchtime with Lawyers – Part of Boulder Startup Week

Okay, some of you are sarcastic and are probably going to ask when I’m going to promote “Lunchtime with Dentists,” but give me a chance.

Next week, Boulder Startup Week will have an event that I’d encourage folks to check out:  Namely, Lunchtime with Lawyers. 

With over 3000 people expected to attend the Boulder Startup Week, this is a way of having startup attorneys in Boulder roll out the welcome mat for entrepreneurs.

The purpose is to provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to meet with local startup attorneys in small groups and ask questions. The process is informal, but very informative. Not only do entrepreneurs get their questions answered; they also get to hear questions asked by other startups. The lawyers have an opportunity to meet with a target audience interested in their particular field of practice. The startup attorneys would have experience in patents, trademarks, finance, employment, corporate, etc. They will be from big firms as well as small firms.

The initial Lunchtime with Lawyers meeting will be held at the TechStars office at 1375 Walnut Street, Lower Level in Boulder.  We will provide food and request a $5 donation from those attending to cover costs.  To signup for the meeting, go to  If you have any questions or would like more information about the event, feel free to contact Roger Glovsky by phone (781) 676-1900 or by email at