Zinnebir Belgian Blonde Ale

If you’ve read my reviews on the deProef Signature Ale and Saison Dupont – Brasserie, this beer fits right in the middle of them. It’s the most complicated Belgian that I could recommend to a friend worried about accessibility. You’ll note that many of my reviews will talk about “accessibility” as I find that while I’m a total whore for Belgian beers, many are not.

This is a really special beer that is unlike anything that I’ve tasted. This is a mellow / sweet beer (not too sweet) that has a stronger finish that one might guess from the initial taste. There are hints of citrus, but my palette is not refined enough at this point to tell you what type. Still super yummy. I’ll make sure that I always have one of these in the beer fridge.

(Super cool – there is a Facebook Fan Page for the beer)

Mendelson Rating: 9/10