Are PR People Becoming the New Spammers?

Is it just me or are you receiving a lot more emails that look like this:

Hi Jason,

Wanted to make you aware of the below funding announcement just released regarding a new [BLAH-nothing I care about]. Happy to make any introductions to the CEO, [John Smith] or any of the  below individuals for further comment, if interested in learning more.

Any questions or additional information you may have, I can be reached at 212-867-5309 or



Then this is followed by a large press release about something that I don’t care about and I usually get two copies to boot.

And, of course, none of these folks are complying with the law by offering the ability to unsubscribe, so I bitch back and ask them to take me off the list, which about half the time they don’t respond.

So, I take their name and numbers down and make sure that when my companies need PR help, they won’t be using these spammers.  I realize that folks have a job to do, but why would I want my companies paying for a PR firm that is just carpet bombing information?  I can find ways to do that MUCH more cheaply than hiring a PR firm. Use some creativity, target your audience and if you can’t – at least follow the email spamming laws.

One more thing – not all PR folks are bad.  I’ve worked with some really great ones who don’t behave like this, but it feels like the velocity of those that do is increasing.

Rant over.