Why Wouldn’t You Want to Work for Next Big Sound?

Seriously.  They are hiring engineers.  And you know that you love music, love working in an ultra-cool environment with great folks and want to get in on the ground floor and make a real difference.

They have VC funding from Foundry Group, Alsop Louie and SoftTechVC.  They have tons of plans, too, to make a world-class product.  What’s missing?  You are. 

The only potential downside is you’ll have to listen to me at meetings, but you’ll be able to tease me about my bad hip and receding hairline.  Also, Samir, their CTO is cuddly. 

Come on Boulder, respond!  And if you aren’t from Boulder and want to live in a great place and work for a kick-butt company, let us know!  We love transplants, as we are all from elsewhere ourselves.