Has Governor Ritter Lost His Mind?

Apparently, the answer is yes, if reports are true that he is trying to fast track a bill that would create a special new tax for Colorado-based software companies.

End result?  Job killing.  While I usually am skeptical of politicians decreeing that “taxes kill jobs” (I don’t think it’s always clear), this one is very clear.

If you enact a special tax on software companies, they will go elsewhere, Bill.  This isn’t the Silicon Valley.  And while Colorado is a great place to create a company, we are still competing with a lot of other great places for talent and venture dollars.

Colorado should want to foster its innovation economy to improve job growth in this state.  A short-sighted money grab is bad a policy for long term economic success.  Read more about it here.

(As an aside, it’s not even entirely clear WHICH types of software companies will be affected.  There are some that think SAAS-based business won’t be taxed, while other, traditional software delivery companies will be taxed.  Whatever the definition is, this is bad for Colorado).