Oh Yeah! for O Ya – Boston Restaurant Review

Ryan and I had the great pleasure of dining at O Ya in Boston the other evening.  It’s fabulous. 

Billed as a “sushi restaurant” it’s so creative that defining it as such is disparaging.  It has all the creativity of Nobu (one of my all time favorites), but takes chances with simplicities such as a homemade potato chip on top of white rice with truffles on top, to daring fried Kumamoto oysters with yuzu aioli and squid-ink bubbles to over-the-top seared foie gras nigiri with balsamic chocolate kabayaki, raisin cocoa pulp and a sip of aged sake.

Every course of our dinner was something that we had never tasted before.  All perfectly balanced, served at proper temperature and carefully crafted.

The downsides?  The restaurant is hard to find (took our cab driver, how wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, 30 minutes), and is really small, so it’s hard to get in.  Also the coursing could have been faster.  While Ryan is a nice guy to share a dinner with, we didn’t need the 2.5 hour dinner pace, but these are nits on an otherwise stellar outing.

If in Boston, you must try.  Since I’m now going to Boston on a regular basis, send me other great ideas, if you have them.  Pictures of some of the food are below. 

The Kumamoto Oysters


The Potato Chip


The Foie Gras.  Yum!