I Love My Lijit Search Capability

I am not sure if I have to issue a silly FTC disclaimer along with complimenting one of our portfolio companies, but I do have to say that I love Lijit

This isn’t something new, mind you.  We made the investment quite some time ago, but today I was reminded of another reason why it’s such a powerful platform.

I was reading my weekly stats report that shows how many people are reading my blog, where the traffic is coming from and what my most searched terms are.  I find the information illuminating and highly entertaining. 

Last week:

1. The top search that brought readers to my blog was “drummer jokes.” In fact, my drummer joke post is now 8 in the Google ranking.  Interestingly, my post was done back in April and it’s a total “one off” post.

2. As expected, there is always healthy traffic surrounding my Law Firm 2.0 thesis.  Last week the search term “lawyer layoffs” was a big director of traffic to my blog. 

3. As far as what people are searching for while on my site, I was surprised to find that the name of my high school band director and the name of a fellow high school percussionist were searched for.  If you were that person, email me.  I’ll set you up.  🙂

Also, searches included FAS 157, How to get a Job in VC and other topics that I’ll have to take up (again) in the near future given the popularity of the subjects.

So thanks Lijit for showing me what my audience is interested in, instead of what I assume they are.  If you are a publisher and not using this FREE platform, what are you waiting for?  Let me know if you want a hookup.   

And for the guy who searched “AT&T sucks” on my blog, all I can say is “I agree.”