Can Cold Calling a Venture Capitalist Lead to Investment?


In fact today, we announced our latest investment.  The company is called Organic Motion and they reached out to us having absolutely no connections to our group.

We met the company through our blogging at the Foundry Group.  It’s the second company (Brightleaf being the other) that introduced themselves to us after reading posts that we’ve written on our personal and Foundry Group blogs.   It’s really exciting to expand our network with new people and we are proud of the fact that we invest in entrepreneurs whom we’ve had no previous connections with.  Yes, the cold call still works if you have a great team, a great idea and fit within one of our investment themes.

In Organic Motion’s case, the company fit right into our human computer interaction investment theme, along with our previous investments Oblong and Smith and Tinker.

The company is based in New York City and is a leading innovator of computer vision and advanced motion capture systems. Their technology dramatically increases a computer’s ability to see and understand the motion of humans and other living organisms. The company offers groundbreaking turnkey and customized motion capture systems that utilize its patent-pending breakthrough computer vision technology.  For those of you interested in the space, this is the first markerless technology that we’ve seen that really works.

Welcome Andrew, Jonathan and team on our new partnership.  Thank you very much for finding us.