Great Article on Intellectual Ventures (sucking)

For those of you who share my disgust with the current patent ecosystem, here is a great piece from Timothy B. Lee on “Intellectual Ventures.”

I use quotations, because it’s nearly impossible for me to call them “Intellectual Ventures” as I see nothing intellectual about the firm but for their desire to further deteriorate innovation in this country while trying to bilk a buck or two (or millions) from hard working entrepreneurs.

Timothy summarizes Malcolm Gladwell’s expose of IV where he stated that IV

“hires smart people to participate in brainstorming sessions and then has patent lawyers immediately file patent applications for every idea that comes up during the discussion, without bothering to actually implement any of them, or even devoting much effort to verifying that they actually work. IV then approaches firms that are doing the hard work of implementing “their” ideas and demands a cut of their profits.”

If you aren’t disgusted, you should be.  Timothy asks how any of this benefits anyone other than IV and the patent bar.  His take on patent reform?

“a good yardstick would be to look for policy changes that would tend to put Myhrvold and his firm out of business.”