Community Hours

When I first moved here 3 years ago, I started the Boulder Open Coffee Club to meet new people and take the occasional “random meeting.”

What I’ve found, however is that the group discussion is always so engaging that I usually don’t have enough time to meet folks one-on-one.

So, following Brad’s lead of setting aside time for random meetings (one of which turned into Techstars – not bad!), I’m going to hunker down in the Techstars bunker and hang out ever once in a while.  Anyone is free to come, sit down and chat.  My partners Brad and Seth are going to do as well. 

We’ve set up a self-service wiki for people to sign up. The rules are pretty simple – set up an account and then pick a date and time slot. Fill in your name, email address and a description of what you want to talk about. These are intended to be introductory meetings, so don’t let the short time be a deterrent – there’s plenty of opportunity to follow up (and I imagine the days will be pretty flexible as well to allow for more time as necessary).

Let me know what you think.  See you at the bunker!