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The End of Software Patents?

One can only hope.  I think it’s optimistic thinking on my part that software patents will one day go away, but until then I can enjoy a GREAT article from the Cato Institute on why they think they should go away.  It’s a must read for anyone thinking about the issue.

Community Hours

When I first moved here 3 years ago, I started the Boulder Open Coffee Club to meet new people and take the occasional “random meeting.” What I’ve found, however is that the group discussion is always so engaging that I usually don’t have enough time to meet folks one-on-one. So, following Brad’s lead of setting…

When A Down Round Isn’t So Bad (Unless you are a VC)

All of us in the startup eco-system hear about the “evil” down round or “cramdown” financings that happen.  These days, the noise level around this financing dynamic is increasing, not decreasing. While most entrepreneurs worry about down rounds, I’d argue that many times the entrepreneurs and employees are the ones that come out ahead.  In…

How to Run a Great Board Meeting

Today, I steal from my partner Brad.  He has a great post on how to run a great board meeting.  Should be required reading in my opinion.