I Guess That I’m a Slave to My Cat

According to a recent report, cats control humans.  As I’ve hypothesized for many years (being a caretaker of a stray cat), their purr is not so much a “I’m happy daddy” signal, rather a way to manipulate me to feed and / or pet them.

According to today’s news report, I was right all along, but now I’m backed up by science.

I’ve always thought that cats were a total evolutionary anomaly in that they really are good for nothing (unlike dogs, horses and other domesticated animals), yet somehow have won our hearts and in ancient times been our gods.  This seems to be more evidence that there is something inherent in our care taking human ways that cats play to.

That being said, I still love my fat feline, Sammie. And since I’m a totally manipulated cat owner, here are some of my favorite pics.

Take me with you.

Cat in box

You sure you have to work?

i like dad

Uh, help.


I’m here to assist you.