The Alternate Routes – In Concert and Thinking About Music 2.0

Last night, I had the great pleasure of seeing the Alternate Routes open up for Carbon Leaf.  I’m a huge Alternate Routes fan and authored the following review of their first album under the "music" section of this blog:

I want to sing like this guy and write lyrics that creep up on you like this. Good and Reckless and True is an album that I need to listen to the whole thing at a time. Meanwhile I find myself with some weird self-introspective teary-eyed thing going on that is part sheer joy and part devastation. Simply put this album really hits me.

It was the first time that that I got to see them live and they were great.  In fact, with all due respect to Carbon Leaf, they were the best band on stage last night.

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the evening, however, was meeting leader singer and co-founder Tim Warren and talking about the business of music.  It was apparent that while they are doing well, there was plenty of frustration in how to actually monetize the asset that they have – specifically their great songs, stage show and their brand.  We spent a while trading war stories with each other. 

It once again reminded of why we’ve invested in Topspin and how tools like this will revolutionize the business model of music and allow great acts like The Alternate Routes to do what they love to do and make a solid living while doing it.