FlyClear Ceases Operations

Last night word spread that FlyClear ceased operations.  I’m seriously bummed.  Clear was one of those small bright spots in my hectic travel schedule.

I don’t have any inside information from the company, but something doesn’t add up.  They claim that they had signed up over 260,000 travelers.  Since joining cost between $100 and $200 bucks that would put lifetime revenues in the $26m to $52m range.

So how does the company burn through all of that cash plus it’s venture funding when from a consumer standpoint their service amounted to a few folks at every airport helping you through security?

My only guess is that airports must have been extracting large sums of cash, or the TSA was bleeding them dry.  Or perhaps Clear was developing next generation screening technology and that created a massive cash burn.

Whatever the case may be, I’m really going to miss the service, as several flights would have been missed without them.