Best Mexican Food in Colorado???

I love Mexican food.  Having lived in both Texas and California, I’ve gotten to sample some of this country’s finest. 

(As an aside my three favorites of all time are La Fiesta in Mountain View, CA, Sanchos in Redwood City, CA and Mia’s in Dallas, TX).

Having now lived in Colorado for three years, I’m still searching for that one special place that I salivate thinking about.  I tried all the offerings that I can find in and around Boulder and some in Denver and have found good to very good, but not excellent. 

I found a restaurant recently just under excellent classification and the best so far in the state.  Unfortunately, it’s about a 3.5 hour drive from my house.

Drum roll please…..

Los Girasoles Family Mexican Restaurant in Poncha Springs Colorado.

It’s near Salida and 15 minutes from Buena Vista and it’s all good.  Great salsa, well flavored meats and creative use of spices and cheeses.  Best of all it’s attached to a truck stop.  (Don’t try to wash your hands in the bathroom – bad idea).

But the food did rock and I’m going to have to find a way to get back there during my annual hiking trip in the mountains. 

If you know of somewhere that I’m missing, clue me in.