Silicon Flatirons / U of Colorado’s Entrepreneurship Week

If you are in or around Boulder and are interested in all things related to entrepreneurship, startups and venture capital, here is your event of the year:

Silicon Flatirons Entrepreneurship Week

The events are too numerous to list (see the link above), but some of my favorites will be:

1. NewTech meetup on 4/7 (okay this makes the event a little longer than a week)

2. The Entrepreneurial Mashup, where we honor folks like Brad Feld, David Cohen and several Colorado-based companies for what they mean to the community.  We’ll also play plenty of Rock Band.  What I’m most excited is that folks from CU to "grizzled veterans" will be there blending current, past and future entrepreneurs in an event that won’t soon be forgotten.  It’s going to have food, entertainment and plenty of surprises.

3.Feld versus Weiser – The second smack down (okay, not really, it’s friendly) between these two discussion important current topics, followed by an Entrepreneurs Unplugged session

4. The whole afternoon / evening of 4/16 has a variety of panels and events featuring our governor Bill Ritter.

5.  New venture challenge – on the morning of the 17th, the first annual new venture challenge at CU will have its first annual winner

All are welcome.  I hope that you are excited as I am to participate in the activities.  For more information, check out the link above.