Humbled on the Last Day of Teaching

Per my post yesterday, I am officially retired as an adjunct at the University of Colorado. 

That of course didn’t stop my students from sending me off in "style."

I was awarded two very special gifts.  First, I received the "Most Kick Ass Professor" award of 2009, complete with my own Karate action figure.  And second, I received a nice Zildjian ride cymbal (how did they know that I don’t like Paiste?) signed by everyone in the class:



It was one of more thoughtful gestures that I’ve ever received.  In fact, there was a moment when the lump in my throat threatened to completely derail my last lecture. 

Thanks folks, I’ll remember you always and not because I am now looking for a 1985 Chevy Caprice Station Wagon to mount my trophy to the hood.  I look forward to the quick transition from teacher / student to friends / colleagues.

VC 360 class of 09 - 1