Getting Love From the Travel Gods

I really don’t like to travel.  This is unfortunate due to the requirements of my profession, but as I like to say "if the job was perfect, they wouldn’t have to pay me." 

Being a frequent flyer in the friendly skies of United usually means an elevated blood pressure, missed meeting and the "unique" offering of customer service that only United has perfected.

However, all of my travel ills were reversed during my travels to San Francisco this week. For one single trip, the travel gods smiled on me.

1. Flight  235 DEN to SFO on the 23rd was 30 minutes early.  Gate was available.  Gate was the closest to the airport exit.

2. Ran into my partner Seth whom I hadn’t seen all week which was nice.

3. Went to Hertz and instead of the usual high-mileage piece of junk, I got this:


Now, how cool is that?  Crusin’ around the Bay with my mullet and my Mustang.

4. Then I get to the Hotel Vitale, my favorite hotel in San Francisco and I’m informed that I’m the last person checking in and they are 100% booked.  No problem, they say, they’ve upgraded me to the Penthouse Suite.  I had a balcony that sat "no more than 35 by order of he fire marshall" complete with heatlamps and great views.

image image

5. Flight  482 SFO to DEN on the 24th was 35 minutes early.  Gate was available. 

Thank you travel gods.  For once it all worked out perfectly.  I expect my punishment will be quick and painful.