What Boulder Means to Me

The folks over at Boulder.me are soliciting folks to write about what living in Boulder means to them.  They are going to be collecting them and posting on their site.

In case you haven’t seen the site, Boulder.me is for folks that are interested in the Boulder startup ecosystem with a bent toward wooing great folks to move here.  Having lived here just under three years after 10 years in the San Francisco Bay Area and way too many years outside of Detroit, I thought it might be a good time to reflect on my life in Boulder.

Last April, Ryan and I posted a blog on the Foundry Group website about "What We Learned By Moving To Boulder" which was a venture capitalist’s perspective on the advantages of being located in Boulder.  In short, we found Boulder to be a vibrant, supportive and well-located geography for a national investing platform.  Furthermore, we thought being away from the Silicon Valley actually sharpened our focus on the region.

Today’s post is more a personal nature that I didn’t feel qualified to write a year ago.  For whatever reason, it was quite apparent (quickly) that Boulder was great location for business, but how about life?

Pretty simply – Boulder rocks.  I’ve never lived anywhere that has such a strong amount of intellect (Boulder was recently ranked the smartest city in the country) that is focused not only on professional endeavors, but hobbies, sports, outdoor activities and life in a way that I’ve not had the pleasure of previously experiencing in my other hometowns.  In other words, it’s really nice to see people’s energy and passions allocated to things outside of work.

Furthermore, the supportive community on the business end also trickles over into the personal end.  After less than 3 years here, I feel a closer sense of community than I ever did back in California.  My neighbors actually seem genuinely interested in what is going on in their community and the people who live there.  Maybe it’s a little too Wisteria Lane, but I like it.  Of course, nothing is perfect, there are a few who I wish were a little less concerned, but overall it’s a positive.

Lastly, I would say the ability to walk out my front door and either:

1. Go for a hike;

2. Walk to work;

3. Walk on over to TechStars and hang out with the next generation of great entrepreneurs;

4. Walk to the Boulder Theatre and see a world class show; or

5. A combination of all of the above couple with a great Belgium Brew from The Kitchen

means that while my world is a bit smaller than was before, most everything I want is within a short non-motorized commute.  It’s highly addictive.

So, that’s a short post on what Boulder means to me.  Thanks Boulder for having me.