University of Colorado Wins VCIC Regional at U.S.C.

For those of you unfamiliar, the VCIC (Venture Capital Investment Competition) is an international competition pitting the best and brightest graduate business school students against each other.

I had the pleasure of being a judge this year in the Mountain regional qualifier and was really impressed with the program.  Each region contains six top schools competing against each other.  Each team has five students who must interview three real companies seeking venture funding, do diligence and then offer and negotiate a term sheet to what they consider the best team.

Oh yeah, and unlike me, they have 15 minutes or so to interview each company and about an hour to prepare a term sheet including return metrics.  In other words, it’s much harder than what I have to do.

I’m very happy to report that the University of Colorado team won their regional this year and will be heading to the University of North Carolina (the creators of the program) to compete with all the winners April 16-18.

I’ve gotten to know each of the team members, as they are either current or former students in my venture capital course and despite my miscellaneous ramblings, they seemed to have learned enough on their own to really impress.  Here’s to an outstanding result in the finals!

For more coverage and a nice picture of the winners, check out Julie Penner’s writeup.