Now I’m Certain That AT&T Sucks

I just returned from a week’s long vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  (And as an aside, if you are going and want restaurant recommendations, I have some good ones).

I have an iPhone that I’m generally pleased with.  Yes, I gripe like everyone else about the lack of cut and paste, the lack of a sideways keyboard on email and other complaints, but I think it’s the best machine out there by far.

The one thing that I’ve not understood, however, is the general speed of the device.  I’m never sure if the latency I’m experiencing is local or the AT&T network, but I don’t think it’s "really fast" like Apple claims.  In fact, in the U.K., Apple can’t advertise this claim at all. I think that my old Motorola 9m on the Verizon 3G network was a bit faster, even running Windows mobile. 

When I landed in Mexico, I wondered what coverage, if any I would have.  I was shocked. 

The speed was incredible.  Web browsing, texting, local apps that require external content were all screaming fast.  It was like iPhone 4G, except that it was today! 

Well, actually it was yesterday, because today I’m back in the U.S. and back to my regular speeds.  And now I’m even more disappointed having seen what my iPhone can do on a better network.

Sigh.  Nice work Apple on the device, but wish that you had chosen a better network partner.