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Cool Patent Startup Pays People To Discover Prior Art

Article One Partners has recently launched and it looks like a winner.  In short, they are paying people to research and discover prior art related to patent studies they find interesting.  There first three related to the drug Lipitor, Semiconductor memory devices and my favorite, video game patents. They are offering up to $50,000 bounties…

The Greatest Moustaches in Rock and Roll

Found this on Yahoo! Music today – a survey of the greatest ‘staches in Rock and Roll.  I’m disappointed that I did not make the list.

The Future of the Music Industry

Some people just "get it."  Ian Rogers, the CEO of Topspin is one of those people.  Of course, we already knew that as we invested in his company, but today just reaffirms what a visionary Ian is.  He recently gave the keynote at the Grammy MusicTech Summit 08 and his entire speech is here.  If…

The "Other Pine Street" in Boulder County

When Ryan and I moved to Boulder a little over 2.5 years ago, we both bought homes on Pine street in downtown Boulder (random, not planned).  To our dismay, the online mapping services didn’t know where we lived, despite our homes being built over 100 years ago.  Ryan blogged about it at the time.  It…

Oblong – It’s Alive, Doctor, It’s Alive

Some of you have heard me talk about Oblong.  It’s a spatial operating environment that I believe will change the way people interact with computers.  And it’s just damn cool.  You should definitely check out the video on the home page. Think of Oblong as the science fact version of Minority Report.  In fact, the…

Healthy Ways to Tighten the Corporate Belt

My friend Amy Hartman, who recently started her own law firm specializing in employment matters wrote a great piece called "Feel the Burn." It’s a very informative, yet easy to read piece on strategies for cutting your company’s burn rate during these challenging times. Most of her advice is with her employment law hat on,…

What Does Foundry Group Invest In?

Of all the questions that I get, (besides "will you give me free legal advice?") is “What do you guys like to invest in?” We just published a new post on our company blog.  If you are interested in working with us, this is a good summary of what we are looking at these days.

A Patent Even I Can Support

My friend Craig Neugeboren sent me this link today on an interesting patent.  It’s essentially a patent for non-inventors acquiring and asserting patents against others.  Think of this as patenting the idea of patent trolling.  šŸ™‚ The Bilski court may have something to say about this, but it’s still entertaining. 

Good Presentation on Fiduciary Duties

Today, I was on a panel at Moye White’s gorgeous offices in Denver where we spoke about fiduciary duties of serving on a board of directors. John Kellogg gave one of the clearest and concise presentations on fiduciary duties that I’ve seen on the subject.  I’d encourage anyone interested in the subject to take a…

Do You Know a Company That Should Present At VCIR?

Venture Capital in the Rockies is a great conference.  Every year companies from the Rocky Mountain Region present while venture capitalists from all over the country attend.  If you know of high quality candidates, check out this Colorado Startups link.