The Sky Is Falling. It’s All Over. Oh Yeah, and Lawyers Want to Profit From It.

If you are a regular reader of the this blog, you know that I don’t ascribe to much of the doom and gloom that everyone wants to wallow in.   

This isn’t to say that I have my head in the sand.  I realize that many people are losing their jobs and that companies need to run their businesses extra efficiently, but this isn’t exactly "R.I.P" for the good times, despite anything other venture firms may say.  The sky is not falling and it’s not "game over."  The economy will bounce back. 

Also, if you are a regular reader, it’s possible that you’ve picked up my issues with many law firms’ billing practices.

What do these two topics have in common?  Where there’s a crises, there is always a lawyer willing to make some money on it.  Today’s candidate:  Proskauer Rose

I just read that Proskauer has created an "Economic Crisis Response Group" to deal with the uncertainty we face.  I’m not sure who in the marketing department came up with this, but I about fell off my chair laughing.

According to the press release, the group:

– Includes lawyers from different practice groups;

– Who quickly respond to clients affected by the current turmoil; and

– Who monitor, analyze and disseminate information on new developments as they arise.

Uh, isn’t this what ALL law firms do?  In fact, if you weren’t doing this before, what exactly where you doing?  I’m sure that with all specialty groups, they’ve found a way to bump up their hourly rates for this elite group, but maybe this is just marketing gone really wrong.  

Do they get to wear cool super hero uniforms?  If so, I’m down with that. 

Sigh, just more noise being added to the system.  Not exactly what we need right now.