I Wish That I Had Invested In This Company

While at my 10 year Law School Reunion this weekend, I happened up a truck parked alongside the University of Michigan Student Union:


This is a great idea.  The truck parks outside the union, is open until at least 3am and they deliver as well!  Or you can order online and have the cookies ready when you show up.

They make many types of cookies from standards like peanut butter and chocolate chip, but also M&M cookies and even a Smores varietal.  There are brownies and even and raw cookie dough, as well.  They are baked fresh to order and are awesome.  This isn’t simply a case of a good business plan, but wonderful execution.  I was at the truck both Friday and Saturday nights and tried many different styles.  I must go on a diet immediately.

Better yet?  They have whole, 2% and skim milk.  Ah…

The story of their beginnings can be found here.  It Sounds like some smart undergrads wanted cookies late night, started making cookies late night and the rest is history.  I only wish they’d come to Boulder.

Great job.