East Coast Restaurant Reviews – Troquet and Sushi Yasuda

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about any recent dining experiences, but being on the east coast this week, I thought I’d give a couple of quick shout outs.  (Can one use the term "shout out" when referring to fine dining?  I’m going to try).

Troquet (Boston) – Troquet is quaint and cute little wine bar and restaurant that serves up French-inspired cuisine with a lighter touch than most.  The upstairs dining room overlooking Boyston street was a very comfortable room.  The little bar in the front is right out of movie and I was fortunate to meet a fellow Michigan Wolverine fan whose fiance is the pastry chef at the restaurant.  We tried the wild boar, halibut and salmon and each dish was very well done.  (For those of you who know me, I was good and kept to the salmon despite my boar proclivities).  The wine list was well priced and varied and my only issue was that all wines were paired to particular menu items – it wasn’t just a list.  I suppose that’s helpful to some and I felt a little silly getting a barbera with my salmon, but such is life.  We didn’t leave room for dessert.  All in all, a really solid and comfy place.   

Sushi Yasuda (New York) – Wow.  I’ve been to a lot of sushi places and consider myself somewhat of a sushi snob, but like… wow.  This isn’t Nobu, or even a Sushi Sasa (for those of you in Denver) that breaks any creative boundaries – this is all about the fish.  Four different toros, arctic char, three types of unagis, five types of mackerels, three shrimps, etc.  This is about fish on rice.  This is about simple rolls.  We just had the waitress bring us whatever the chef wanted to serve and after eating way more than two people should, we doubled down and said "bring more."  We could have kept going, but at some point, you know that you should just stop.  This was some of the most interesting and wonderful fish that I’ve ever had.  Bravo.  Don’t go there if you are looking for low lighting and great ambiance, but if you are there to eat some of the best product ever, you will be happy.

I’m full.