Drumming and Rock Band

I spent some good quality time with Rock Band 2 this past weekend in between naps.  (Something about cold weather and traveling a lot has turned me into a 50 year old man, apparently). 

This was my first time actually taking Rock Band "seriously."  Previously, I’d get together with folks and usually play bass or guitar and not my native instrument of drums, as I really never found the drumming compelling in Rock Band. 

For whatever reason, this changed this past weekend.  I decided to really try to play and what I found was interesting. 

Being a drummer is a detriment to playing Rock Band drums in many instances.  The easier the setting, the harder it became for me, as I couldn’t divorce my limbs from playing the "real" part of the song. 

As I moved onto the hard / expert settings, I found playing easier, although reading the notes in real time became exponentially more difficult.  Clearly, sight reading on expert is challenging.  (Especially Boston’s Foreplay / Long Time).

In the end, I can say that on expert settings, you really do have to play all the notes, although I’d say I’d still find it easier if I had a "real" drum kit than trying to hit the drum controller.  Thankfully, Brad bought me a gift

One other interesting factoid.  You can find plenty of YouTube videos with folks playing perfectly the drum parts on expert, but they aren’t drummers.  You can tell when they go to fill and they aren’t any good.  But it’s incredibly impressive that they can train their limbs to cover the parts. 

All in all, I’m a larger fan than ever.  I’m going to have to buy a setup.