Anyone Out There A Cat Psychologist?

I’ve had a cat for 9 years.  Sammie, is a short haired, black and white stray that showed up on my doorstep bleeding and I took her to the vet and the rest is history.

She’s been a pretty hilarious roommate, but as of late she’s been acting like a lion when I put food out on the table.  In the past week, she’s swiped a chicken breast, a hefty slice of drunken goat cheese and decided that popcorn is now kitty food.  It’s really quite annoying.  I’ve tried to scold her, but she doesn’t seem to care. 

She’s always been portly (read: obese), but she’s never actively competed with me for food and now its seems like it’s a daily issue.  Anyone know what is going on?  She also appears to have developed a drinking problem, as well.