Socialthing! Acquired by AOL

While I’m a little late to the party in delivering the news, I wanted to send a personal shout out to the Socialthing! team congratulating them on their acquisition by AOL.

When I met Matt, Ben, Brian and later Joel, I found out from David Cohen that I would be their mentor for the inaugural summer at TechStars.  My initial reaction was that I didn’t like their idea, their direction or their market, but told them that if they could change my mind, then they would be in great shape. 

Instead of pouting, Matt decided to prove me wrong.  He and the team did.  It was a great summer of 2007 meeting with them every week, dreaming about new features and figuring out how to make their idea a business.  Sometimes, I think they only listened to me for the free sushi, but that was okay too.   

Although the 2007 TechStars class graduated, we’ve stayed in close touch and it’s been great to see their progress.  I can think of no better reward than having lunch today with Matt and his family and was honored and happy to get to share part of the day with them. 

Congratulations to everyone.  Here’s to you, to staying in touch and to your future successes.