Best Rock and Roll Shuffle of All Time

What you are about to read is for true music geeks.  Read at your own risk if you don’t consider yourself one. 

As a drummer, one of my all time favorite grooves is Jeff Porcaro’s rock shuffle in Rosanna.  It’s one of those beats that my brain can understand, yet my hands and feet can not play.  Technically, I can play it, but I sound like a high school garage band drummer.  Recently, my friend Peter Gotcher, who is also a drummer, and I were lamenting the early passing of Jeff and also how much we loved his Rosanna groove.  Peter passed on some YouTube love in the form of two short videos which show how Jeff put the beat together. 

Video one from Jeff (damn he makes it look easy):

And video two, the Bernard Purdie referenced groove from Steely Dan’s Babylon Sisters.  He is also one funky cat.  Bottom line is that I’m keeping my day job.