The Top 20 Albums Of All Time

I’m sure that everyone has seen lists before like this.  I’ve never found one that was useful, or in any way represented my opinions. 

Today, however, I found a list that at least interested my inner numbers geek.  Yahoo! music has a post on what they think are the 20 best albums of all time based on sales numbers, critical reviews and a "staying power" variable that measures long term popularity to hit records.  In other words, Hootie and Blowfish might have had a huge album, but you would be willing to part with it today for a dollar, whereas no one is going to pry your Dark Side of the Moon album out of your hands. (This goes especially true if your initials are BF).

I don’t want to steal Yahoo’s! thunder, so click to see the list.  I will tell you that you are stoked if you are receiving royalties from Led Zeppelin.  These aren’t my favorite 20 albums, but I do respect the attempt at trying to arrive at it mathematically while still having some quality control in the mix.