Green Clovers and Blue Diamonds (and Frasca too)

The other night I went to Frasca with the Foodzie folks from TechStars.  On the way to dinner, I snapped these two pictures of the most incredible rainbow that I’ve ever seen. 

photo   photo

Waiting at the end of the rainbow, was indeed a pot of gold, in the form of a wonderful dining experience.  I’ve been to Frasca many times, but they were completely on their game, even in the absence of Bobby.

Three items that really shined were the Guinea Hen Tortelloni, the House made Russett Gnocchi and the Shaved Long Family Farm Pork Leg, which was the best pork that I’ve ever eaten.  I’m a "swine is fine" guy, so I have a lot experience here.

Bravo, Frasca.  Bravo, Rainbow.