Everyone Needs An iPhone

I mean it.  Really.  And this comes from a guy who hated the first version and stuck with his Windows 6.1-enabled Motorola Q2.

I was one of the few people in the country who had a great iPhone experience.  I showed up at my local Apple store on Saturday morning at 9:30am.   There was a six person line and they had units in stock.  The sign up process was easy and there were no software glitches as widely reported. 

So why do I absolutely love this device?

1.  Keyboard:  I hated the previous version.  I don’t know if it is the software or hardware, but suddenly I can type with acceptable accuracy.  The predictive text software really works well.

2.  Phone call quality:  Much improved over the previous version and light years better than my previous phone.  The speaker phone works great and you can even listen to music on it. 

3.  GPS:  The mapping programs works great, but several other applications also use the "where am I now" feature, from yellow pages, to weather, to Twitter clients to taking photos.  There are others, too.  I’m a fan of the device being truly location sensitive.

4. The App Store:  This is the winner.  Even without the first three factors, this alone is the game changer in mobile hardware industry.  The apps are high quality, reasonably priced (or free) and I’m just starting to use them.  Early thoughts:

– Pandora:  If you read my prior post on Pandora, you know that I’m a huge fan.  I lamented the fact that I don’t have Pandora in my car.  Now because of my iPhone, I do.  I’m stoked. 

– Texas Hold ’em:  I’ve played for years.  This is the first good mobile version that I’ve ever played.

– Facebook: Incredibly slick implementation. 

– Shazam:  I’ve seen magic.  This program may top them all.  You hold your iPhone up to any musical source and it tells you what song you are listening to.  For years I’ve seen companies try to solve this problem.  This is the first to do it.  It really works.

– NetNews Wire:  Our buddies at Newsgator have really something special on their hands.  Check out Brad’s post.

YI haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the App Store, so who knows what I’ll find tomorrow.  It’s only day number two, but I’ve never fallen so heavy and so hard for a piece of equipment before.  Wow.  Bravo, Apple.