Roland, You Let Me Down

I’ve dealt a lot with the Roland Corporation through the years.  I’ve bought a dozen keyboards, and half a dozen drums sets from them over the years.  They’ve always been one of my favorite companies, both on the product and support side of the house.

That was until yesterday, however.

While practicing for our gig, my ride cymbal on my TD-20S kit died.  Not good.  Especially given the gig is tomorrow.

Undaunted, I happily call Roland – surely they could help me out.  I’ve sent plenty of repair items to them before and it’s always been a pleasure dealing with them.

No luck.

Not only was I told that I had to send in my ride cymbal and wait for them to diagnose the problem and then send me out a new cymbal, I was told there was "nothing they could do in such an urgent case." 

I countered that if my name was Omar Hakim (one of their sponsored artists) that I bet they could help me out and the support rep said "yes, but you aren’t Omar Hakim."

While a true statement, when you sell "Pro line gear" (as Roland calls their products), you have to have pro line service to go along.  Presumably people buying expensive drum sets aren’t hacks, have gigs and have issues.  To not be able to rely on them to help their customers out is pretty sad.  I guess that I just can’t play an electronic kit and count on it for performances.

I think I’m going back to acoustic drums.  I’ve had to specially order and overnight ship a ride cymbal, buying from a local store for an outrageous amount of money.  Even better, Roland is making the store (and thus me) pay a $100 rush shipping surcharge.  Roland, you’ve lost me.