Only In Boulder – Free Medical Care While You Eat!

I love Boulder.  It’s a very unique place.  Today was a perfect example why:

In case you haven’t been spammed by Ryan and I yet via email, Facebook or blogs, let me be the first to tell you that our band, Soul Patch is playing this Saturday, June 21st at Redfish Brewhouse at 9:30pm.  It’s a rare event, as the band is from San Francisco, Redwood City, Burbank and Boulder.  It’s also our album release party.

Anyway, I’ve been playing drums for the first time in a long while and my wrist has been killing me.  Even after 20 minutes of playing, it’s hot, swollen and slow.  I’m getting old, yes, but also have had wrist problems for years.

I was having lunch today at the Kitchen with a fellow musician and friend and I mentioned that my wrist was giving me trouble.  Suddenly, the woman next to me says "I can fix your wrist."

Being in Boulder, I quickly looked to her hands to see if she was passing out "herbs," but there was no hand movement and I was confused.

I asked her how and she said "give me your wrist."  I asked her is she was a doctors and she said that she was a "healer." 

Now being from Detroit with a father who is a M.D., my first thought was "Dad told me about people like you, and…," but I decided to give her a try.

Within 10 minutes, my wrist felt great and if my incessant tapping of my knife on the table was any indication, I’m back on track for my gig. 

Her name was "Osha."  Osha, thank you.  Gotta love Boulder.