Music Page

Given how much of a focus music is in my life, I decided to dedicate a separate page to music. While I will blog plenty about music, I wanted some persistent content to remain available. Thanks to our IT guy, Ross Carlson I’ve got a music tab that has some cool features.

First up are my current recommendations for musical acts that you may not have heard of. I’ll update these over time. I’m super excited about the three current and inaugural picks.

Next up are some musical tracks that I’ve been involved with. These will rotate over time, for sure, but feel free to click and listen away. Yes, comments welcome. Remember, I have a day job.

Lastly, I have some promo material from Toothless Monkey Records, a record company that I co-own with Ryan McIntyre and Nick Peters.

By the way, if you like VCs who blog consistently about music, definitely check out Fred Wilson’s music blog. He’s always coming up with reviews of great tracks and he’s great for discovering new artists.